Sunday, February 20, 2011

I hate waiting...

If there's one singular thing that makes me break my own rules and start getting antsy, it's waiting. No song lyrics today, I can't seem to concentrate enough to think of something appropriate. It is a rather unholy hour of the night, though I should be used to that. Been practically nocturnal all my life, after all.

Look at me. Can't even think straight enough to stay on topic.



What sucks about waiting is that there's literally nothing to do except think. This situation with Robert has me worried. That boy's been through so much already, and I don't even know the entire story... Yeah, sad as it is to say, I didn't run into his blog until after Redlight(Douchebag) had already deleted most of it. Even the cached pages are mostly gone, though I'm chalking that up to bad luck for now.

A lot of people are coming together for this little rescue mission. Ava and Reach, obviously, but also Tony, D-5, the PTC (need to read up on those guys...), and lord knows how many others. I know plans have been made, but I don't know what those plans are, because they would be damn stupid to post them on the internet where any half-brained proxy could see, and stupid is something that none of them are.

Unfortunately, though most of us are loathe to admit it, Redlight is not stupid either.

And neither is It, really. Sorry, M, but It's just not. Incomprehensible, maybe. Bizarrely limited, maybe. But not stupid.

So... amidst all of these annoying and potentially breakdown-inducing thoughts (depending on how close you are to the situation), what's a poor blogger to do?

We think, right? We think of all the ways we hope it will go right and all the ways we fear it will go wrong. And, sadly, it's the latter thoughts that seem to win out. We think things that are fueled by fear most often in situations like this, until it's hard to even consider those small, quiet thoughts that are fueled by that last flicker of hope.

Well, remember this: When you're all alone, fear is the enemy. When you're all alone, do the opposite of whatever fear tells you to do.

So think of the perfect scenario. Come up with the absolute perfect way for the good guys to storm in, save Robert, and make Redlight look like an ass. If you are so minded, think of a way to save both Robert and Redlight. Heck, if you're feeling really optomistic, think of a way to save them, and Cynthia too.

Think of the absolute best, the most ideal situation possible, and replay it in your mind over and over and over again. Repeat it to yourself all through the night and morning, whenever you have a free moment, until anything you thought might go wrong seems like a laughable, slapstick scenario that would only happen under the most ridiculous of circumstances. And then repeat it again.

Whether or not you subscribe to zen and mysticism and such, it remains a proven fact that human thought has power. It can influence the flip of a coin. It can trick a random event generator. In large enough numbers, it can heal the sick.

Robert himself was able to drive Slendy off just by getting a bunch of drunk party-goers to sing Midnight Train together. Just a single roomful of people is all it takes.

Maybe you think it's stupid. A waste of time. Maybe you've got other, more important things to do than sit around and think the same thing over and over. And that's your decision to make, because I don't know what circumstances you're under.

But for the average blogger like myself, who is deeply concerned but unable to be there physically, I say, why not? No one's proven the Tulpa Effect, but no one's disproven it either. And, wherever Robert is, wherever his mind may wander under that kind of sedation... He may not be able to think much, but I have no doubt that he's praying.

So use this time, time you'd otherwise waste waiting and thinking useless thoughts. Use it to do something that might help, even if it's just a small chance. That's my advice for you today.

"Don't stop believing!
Hold on to that feeling!"

Hey lookit, I did think of some song lyrics! Derpderp... XP

Life, love, and light, guys. Bring him, and yourselves, home safe.


  1. Well hello there and welcome to the league of bloggers with gratuitous Japanese names.

    Maybe I'll see you around

  2. Life, love and light...

    Haven't seen that message around in a while. I'm waiting too, really.

    It's... not fun at all.

  3. Tap the vein.

    It means many things.

    One is something my dad told me, not long before he died.

    "Your arm's vein. You put drugs there and you can give blood from there. It can lead to self-destruction or the life of another. It is easily overlooked. It shows your character. What would you do with it? Either way you have to tap it to do either.


    Tap the vein."