Friday, March 18, 2011


I won the contest on Specter's Blog, but... I have no idea what I should ask.

Guess I didn't go into that one very prepared... -_-U

For those who don't know, someone hijacked Specter's Blog (not Observe and Terminate, his personal one) and posted three riddles/questions, and the person who answered the most correct would get to ask three questions of their own.

So. Any suggestions, and I mean any suggestions, of questions to ask, leave them below. I'll have to ask the first one by tomorrow at least.

One thing I was considering asking was about the Zero/Remnant thing. Or perhaps whether or not there actually are multiple Redlights. But again, leave suggestions with phrasing and all that. I'd like to make this count, if I can.

Thanks for your help!


  1. I say shoot for the stars hon. How do we kill the faceless bastard, how do we stop these dimensional tears its causing, etc.

  2. Well, congratulations, I suck at riddles. If you really want to ask about Zero, I'd ask where he is. Or about Remnant, ask who he is. Or perhaps, a way to beat It. Or for normal people to travel using the Other Side. Or...maybe about how to cure Proxies now that Jeff's blood is inactive (R.I.P., Jeff). Oh...or dimensional tears. That's interesting. I think those are pretty self-evident, though. And why do we want to stop them? They could be useful. Maybe ask if they can help us. ~Frap

  3. @Kay: Thing is, Scott's already more or less figured out how to kill It, now it's just a matter of getting past Its legions of doom and getting It to hold still long enough to pull it off. As for dimensional tears, Frap has a point about them maybe being helpful.

    @Frap: Those are all very good points. Particularly the bit about the cure, that really stood out for me.

    @Everyone: The main thing I'm going for here is to get as much concrete information as possible. I know it's tempting to ask the really big questions, but I don't want to risk wasting a chance on a simple "I don't know." At the other end of the spectrum, I don't want to ask about things that we could potentially figure out for ourselves - the cure, for example. Kay and AmalgamationSage are already working on ideas for that, and I really think they've got a good shot. I also don't wanna be side-stepped. I don't THINK this guy will be an ass about technicalities in phrasing, but I can't be sure.

  4. I can definitely help some with phrasing if you can't seem to find a good way to say it. *Joce

  5. After some extensive thinking, I think I have the first two questions, if no one objects:

    1) What happened to Zero during and after the night of the winter 2010 Solstice?

    2) (this is a tricky one...) "Redlight - with his free mind more or less intact - is obviously different from any other proxie we've ever seen. What special purpose does Redlight serve for the Slenderman?"

    2 could maybe use some more work on the phrasing. I'd really, REALLY love to get as much information as possible.

    As for the 3rd... I'm currently going back and forth berween asking about Ava, asking about the cure, and possibly asking about Cynthia (although I honestly have no idea what I could ask on that topic...).

    Still open to further suggestions.

  6. (I vote for cure on the third one)
    Let's see. I think you might want to change "What happened to Zero" to "What was Zero's activity". Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but for whatever reason it seems more...specific. And harder to weasel around. Other than that...well. Good luck. *Joce

  7. Who will be (keep being) the White King (or the player)?

    Where is the Black King's castle?

    How can we find the Black (fallen) Queen?

    just some options..
    whatever,ignore me, I don't think the Informant is related with the Spectator, my songbird.

    (maybe i WENT TO FAR WITH THE CODING?.. Is just that I liked how the Spectator do this theme a lot of safer for new eyes..)

  8. @Keiken: I'm flattered, but the title "songbird" is already taken. ;P As for the rest, I think those are too broad, and I would be very surprised if Thage doesnn't already know the first and third ones.

    The Informant = the riddle guy? I think I like it. XD

    FYI everyone, I'm thinking of changing my Redlight question to simply "What is Redlight's true purpose?" Does that work? I debated on "mission" and "meaning" and even just what is red's purpose, but I think this'll work.

    1. Wow, girl, you sure write a lot.. I expended the whole day searching for all this. Well, thank you, your blog did help at the end, I think I may have a starter to find The Hospital.

      One more thing. He wasnt what he apparented to be. He used to be pretty much like us before all this madness, quite the opposite of a person you could think of as friendly.