Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music, Updates, And A Request Or Three

"Now dance, fucker, dance!
Man, he never stood a chance.
And no one even knew
It was really only you.

"And as you steal away,
Take him out today.
Nice work you did.
You're gonna go far, kid."


I love it to death. Honestly. Dunno if you've noticed, but I could live and die by the stuff on my iPod. I make AMVs in my spare time (don't judge me!). When I first started writing fanfics, nearly all of them were songfics. Even now, I still attach lyrics to nearly everything I write, including school essays when I can get away with it.

But the best part is, as long as music is playing, I can't concentrate on anything else.

Not homework.

Not family.

Not even It.

I compare it to the soundtracks of movies, really. Very, very rarely will you encounter a scarey movie that is actually scarey once the background music is removed. And even then, if different music is substituted, even freaking Paranormal Activity (which I watched, like an idiot, just before bed the other night) loses some of its horror. So why not do yourself a favor and sleep with the music on? It'll keep you calm when there's nothing to worry about, and it'll give you an electrical warning when there is. Win-win. ^^

Either that, or look at some lolcats to keep your spirits up. I'm told that works very well too. XD


Ho hum...

Been rather quiet lately, at least on the blogs I'm watching. Calm before the storm, methinks. Either that, or the storm's going on now, and we're not going to hear about it for another few days. Either way, there's still nothing I can do. This is shaping up to be a very uneventful spring break.

Thank god for that, huh? -_-U

Scott's more or less alright, and so is Will. The name "Xavier" threw me for a loop initially, but I re-checked the older posts on Will's blog and remembered what the heck he was talking about. Obviously, the guy was just that forgettable.

I continue to have opinions about Morningstar. Morningstar continues to fail to earn the right to hear those opinions by being an all-around douchebag, Quisling, and peddler of underage Taiwanese boyflesh.

(Why yes, that was a shout-out. You're welcome. =P)

Alora and Daniel are also alright, for now.

No news from Stormecho in a while, hope she's okay. Poor kid.

Ava is... well, jury's out, but I maintain hope.

I do hear that the situation in Boston is heating up, but I'm not yet following that story. Definitely on my list, though. As are Jean and Kim; hoping they're all alright as well.

About the only interesting (aka bad) bit of news is that I haven't checked Twitter in a while ('cause it's a retarded and redundant site that I barely have any idea how to use), but when I did, I discovered that Noah of TribeTwelve had a bad run-in with It and hasn't been heard from since Sunday. What little I could translate of the codes he posted were rather troubling, but I couldn't get a hit on that longer code. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.

Still gathering information on the whole "perception filter" phenomenon, if I may coin a Whoniverse phrase. So far it seems like the interference is directly in the brain, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, at least in terms of practicality.

Say, Morningstar! How's about a trade of information: you tell me what you know of how It blocks things from people's sight, and I tell you about all the hypocracies and inconsistancies I noticed during the whole "Life or Death poll" last week. What'cha think? Considering your bosses were seriously considering offing you, some information might be worth your while. ~_^

Oh, and one last thing:


That is all. ~_^

Til next time, everyone.

Stay safe, stay happy.


  1. Oh Hakurei. You know I cannot tell you anything, even if I wanted to! He is in my head, always.
    And really. Calling me a douchebag. Are you surprised that a proxy is trying to derail the efforts of runners any way he can? It is nothing personal I assure you.
    But Take note that not all of us are shadowy manipulators or mindless killing machines. And Goddamn it I AM NOT A QUISLING.

  2. Hm. Well that's interesting. Does that mean you WOULD want to, if you could?

    'Cause that could mean the difference in whether I call you a douchebag or not. Just sayin'.

  3. Quisling is such an excellent term for him and his ilk. I may have to start using it myself.

  4. Oh yes. Morningstar is totally a Quisling.

    How many times do I need to tell him that? He gave up his humanity and chose to side with the monsters. It'd be nice if he was at least INTERESTING, but no, he's just another sociopath. Although, in this case? Quisling.

  5. Wait a minute, wait a minute... I get it now. You are trying to Annoy ME. HA. And I totally fell for it.
    WellI supposeI wouldwant toifI could.

  6. Taking this moment to jump in and comment as I go through your archives. Found you through Mitch (11 Minutes). I've post on SM's little invisibility trick here- and here- Hope it helps. :)