Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...
Lost again! Son of a bitch!"

Cheap-ass motel is cheap, but at least I'm paying for my own room this time. Not that Sage didn't try to pay again, but I caught him at it this time.

I wish we could stay out longer, but I hardly ever drive except the distance to the train station and back, or occassionally to the movies or the mall. The first day, being on the highway all day was exhausting. Today, there was less highway and more towns and neighborhoods, and one nerve-wracking drive through a deserted, three-mile-long side-road through the woods.

Our hourly schedule:
Sense the location of the monster.
Calculate the corresponding physical location.
Drive to that location.
Realize that the trail has changed places when we're less than 15 minutes from our destination.
Either repeat steps 1-3 and change direction, or continue to the first destination anyway and search for clues.
If option 2, spend 10 minutes to an hour at said location, searching for some evidence of Kay, It, or proxy activity.
Find nothing.

I barely slept last night. Sage did, but I think he was working through his sleep anyway. He can do that sort of thing, it seems. I mostly checked up on the blogs. Dear god, the blogs. I'm gone for a day or two, and everything goes to heaven and hell all at the same time!

Ava is awake and, apparently, well. I positively jumped for joy, and Sage wasn't far behind me.

Fizzbomb is... alive? Either that or someone's fucking with us using her profile. Personally, I'm hoping for the latter, because no one deserves that. Also, what the heck did Jeff find if it wasn't Fizzy's body?! Or was that just another hallucination?

Vivi is getting nightmares about you-know-who. This is beginning to look more and more like yet another botched memory-wipe, but for their sake I hope it's not.

Alora got Labyrinth'd last night. I saw the update this morning and did what I could, but it looks like it worked - she's back. Terrified, but back.

Fakelight is fake. Sage owes me five bucks.

And lord knows what else on the stuff I'm not yet watching.

...I never thought I'd be doing this. Less than a week after I get paralyzed with fear at the fucking sight of It, and I'm chasing after It to rescue a friend. I was never that kind of person, I'm still not. But... there's no one else who can do it. Sage and I are probably the only ones who are remotely close enough, although it's not done much good when he can't nail a solid lead on the damn thing. Besides, he can't do this alone. 1) It's not safe, and 2) he can't drive and project at the same time. Also, 3) even if there was someone else around, I think I'm the only one outside of Kay who can actually understand what Sage talks about and talk it back to him.

The fact that I've got a friend with me, a very powerful friend, certainly helps in the courage department.

It's not just necessity though, I'll be the first to admit that. Kay's my friend, and... the stuff she wrote about what she's going through... it's just sickening on so many levels. I'm rather pacifistic by nature, but if this guy is doing what I suspect he's doing... there will be a reckoning. This isn't just Slenderman anymore. This is a regular, everyday sicko who has targeted someone I care about. And maybe he's using supernatural means to hide from us, but we will find him. Goddammit, we will.

...-sigh- Other than that small rant, nothing new to report on. I still can't sleep though, so maybe I'll just write whatever?

I know I said before that I've dabbled in magick before too, and when I'm not reading at night or during rest stops, I'm practicing what healing I know. Particularly the pain-block effects, 'cause God knows we're going to need that the most. I don't know how much it'll do, but lord knows Sage is the polar opposite of a medic, so it kind of falls to me, since I do at least know a lot of first-aid. And knowledge of what you're doing really helps in this departlemt, let me assure you.

Also, this is officially my third night in a row away from home. Sunday night, Monday night, and now Tuesday night. My mom's started calling me almost hourly, and I have to pull off the side of the road each time so she doesn't know I'm driving. The first night, she met Sage, and we both "went to Danielle's house". The second night, I said I stayed at Danielle's again and went straight to school from there. Tonight, I "reminded" her of a conveniently-placed training session for work that will take place tomorrow morning, early, so co-worker Darlene offered to let me stay in her dorm for the night to save time. Mom trusts me, but I'm running out of excuses.

Hell, at least I know we're not doing anything important in my classes at the moment. I do kind of miss my philosophy class though, even though I've only missed one day. We're reading Confessions right now, and it's actually way more interesting than I would've given it credit for. Today we were supposed to talk about that bit in book 7 that pulls out a different definition of the concept of "evil" - rather than being a force that "good" fights against, it is simply a lack of good. It really follows along with this other book (series) I've read, which fascinated me to no end. The main idea is

Excuse me, I just had a rather crazy idea. It could work, I guess, but... I'll have to run it by Sage first. I wonder if he's asleep yet? Hope he won't be mad at me if he is. Excuse me.


  1. So sad, how people affect other people. I sense that you will need patience, but not just for searching, but also confronting. Make your mind cold when necessary ok?

    'Crux sacra sit mihi lux', that pray may help you if you are searching something, specially a path. You know, just a little help..

  2. You know Hakurei you should feel glad. Apparently, my allies in the New Joisey branch considered you SO insignificant that we do not even know where you live. Not that we cannot narrow it down mind you (Thanks Sagey). Perhaps I ought to tell your poor mother about you have REALLY been doing.

  3. I want to congratulate you on your success.

    Fight the darkness


  4. However she has been tainted now, she's been controlled. and she will always be controlled now.

    You know what you need to do.