Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Time Is It?

"Time is a valuable thing.
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings.
Watch it count down to the end of the day.
The clock ticks life away.
It's so unreal." 

So. Much. Happening.

I really don't know how to react to most of it. Michelle wrote it better than I could, because it's really confusing.

To be brief, we lost time. We think. I'm not entirely sure, because I lose track of time all the time when I'm reading, or working, or looking things up. Never a half hour or an hour at a time, but with how little sleep I've been getting lately, I could just be nodding off at the desk. It happens. But it got to the point where we thought it was a full week earlier than it actually was. Not a day. A week was somehow collectively lost in those little skips, and that's not right.

Later on it was more pronounced, and at the same time less obvious. Two days were gone all at once, and we didn't even notice it. It wasn't until this morning when we randomly had the hotel's TV flicked over to a news station as we packed up that we even realized what had happened. Because they mentioned the time and date. So then Michelle spent the next 20 minutes asking random strangers what day it was like something out of a bad sci-fi flick...

I couldn't tell you how I feel about all this. It's almost as though there's not anything to feel, since, to me, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. It's as though the world simply shifted around me a few extra rotations in my sleep, but nothing's changed for me.

About the only thing that does bother me is a Twitter message I don't remember making...


In other random bits of news...

The hurricane knocked down more wireless networks than I would have thought possible. The only ones left around were the ones that charged exorbitant prices for it (and thereby had sufficient motivation to get them fixed in a timely manner), so we used cafes and such every so often for a while. But what with all the moving around we've had to do trying to hunt Corey down (whom we found, actually; again, check Michelle's blog), checking things online just seemed less and less important.

We were wrong about that. Oh god were we wrong.

Kay is... getting worse and worse by the day. Things got so bad for her while I was "gone", I... I don't know what to do anymore. Even her mind is toxic; I tried to help her when I was there last time, but it all just pulled me in and until I could stand it no longer whenever I got in too far... I've called Ryan a couple times, but he says he can handle it... I think Nick and I made him nervous last time we were there...

Speaking of Nick, he's apparently back around! At least, I'm assuming that's him behind the comment on Kay's blog. Knowing some of the crazies that follow him around, it might not be. But I did get a text message from him earlier today. And yet I still have no idea what's going on.

Morningstar, Elaine, and Spencer... God, I don't know what to say to you three. Michelle came home in a complete rage yesterday three days ago, and we more or less beat the subject to death, but very little of it bears repeating. Suffice it to say that  I will fully believe it when I see it and talk to you in person myself. Preferably with me armed and you not, just in case. And I do have to wonder, if you were really more-or-less free all that time, why the fuck you did all that to Michelle and her family? But... I'm hopeful, Luke. I really am.

And Schrodinger... Emma... I'm so, so sorry. I was right there, trying to figure out a way to get around Cheshire, but then time moved again and I forgot to check back. Even if I couldn't have done anything, you deserved better. Oh god, you deserved so much better.

As for me... well, I do feel like I've gotten more sleep lately, so I'm not ruling out the nodding off idea. Sometimes I feel like I'm heading downwards into apathy, except when I force myself to have a reaction. Really think for a moment what it's supposed to be, and then act it out. I listened to Tip of the Iceberg all the way through the other day. The images didn't stop, but they were less... less disturbing, I guess. Like a scarey movie you've already seen before. Which is odd, because I always jump at scarey movies, even when I know the scare is coming... Or maybe I just can't feel her anymore. The girl. I didn't feel the man anymore after Michelle cut the tree down, so maybe she's dead too, and I'm just watching an image.

That is... a really weird notion to entertain, actually, but c'est la vie. Or... c'est la cetta vie, anyway.

But I will admit that it bothers me that this doesn't bother me. And I've been feeling... a tad light-headed, if I'm honest with myself. Why would that be?

I'll probably be offline for another few days. At least, I hope it'll only be a few days. Corey gave us a hell of a lead, so we'll be moving on. Need another half a day or so to reestablish our scheduling and make sure to watch the clocks this time, not to mention plan out where we're going and do all those things a normal road trip requires, but it shouldn't be a problem if we're careful.

By the way, my officially strategy for keeping track of time: Set our watches to beep every hour, on the hour, then instantly write the hour down on a pocket notepad. Except for at night. Not much I can do about losing time at night. Not that it matters, even if I didn't sleep even less than Michelle now.

I'll probably do a formal write-up on the subject of lost time later. Right now it's getting increasingly difficult to gather my thoughts.

...That should probably be more disconcerting than it is, actually.

See you all soon. Hopefully.


  1. Well, if you want to go all Marble Hornets, you could set up cameras at night.

  2. Morningstar. NOT LUKE. I am still Morningstar.
    Aww... Does my dearest Michelle not want to be my friend still? That breaks my heart. It really does. We are so alike after all.

  3. Let's hope that, if you follow Omega's suggestion, doesn't end like in the Rake creepypasta. Anyways, it can be an useful thing to do.

  4. lost time's always a tricksy gig to tackle. as a paranoia-induction tactic, v. effective. which is why it's heartening to see you handle it so calmly. wish i could've managed that kind of calm.

    knowing how to run helps, i suspect. also knowing why you're running in the first place and where you're running to.

  5. ...Could someone explain me whats is all this "Slenderman" shit about?

  6. You're not paying attention, are you?

    For all of your speeches. For all of your so-called wisdom and faith. You continue to blind yourself to the obvious. Not wanting to see. Not wanting to know.

    You bury yourself so deep, but how long can you keep the charade up? Cracks are beginning to form in your shell.

    I cannot wait to finally see you.

    We are getting closer.

    Now I must ask:

    Have you seen the children?


  7. Oh god the Anons are popping up all over the place.
    Sod off, jackass.

    I'm sorry, Ryuu, I am. I'm sorry for everything Star has done (because who knows if he has remorse, and moreover, who knows if he'll ever show it even if he possess it),

    But I believe that everyone deserves a second chance if they ask for it.

    ... Regardless. Losing time is never good; though I'm most probably preaching to the choir on that one. Physical reminders can help- little prompts around the house that help jog your memory.

    As for the losing time at night? The only thing you can do is have some sort of monitoring system; whether it's filming yourself or having another person with you.

    Oh, and Ryuu?

    Best of luck, because with the way things are going right now, it seems that you're going to need it.