Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Operator Symbol I drew is gone. Friday morning, I walked past the church and realized that I hadn't seen it there since before Sage and I went looking for Kay. I don't know why it's suddenly gone, but it is. And there's more.

There have been no sightings of It, nor anything related to It, for over a week. No shadows, no cryptic scribblings I don't remember making, no sense of being watched aside from understandable jumpiness on my part. I filmed a sweep of the campus on Saturday; no distortions. The first place I went to was the goddamn pedestrian tunnel, but... not a thing. I think I'm in the clear.

How in the hell am I in the clear? I mean, it's a bit early to say so with finality, but still, you'd think there'd be something.

I'm withholding most of the footage because there are signs and landmarks that would give away my location. But take my word for it: There was nothing. Anywhere.

Nothing in the tunnel. Nothing around campus. Nothing by the church. Nothing around the preschool, or the elementary school for that matter. Nothing in Bay's goddamn dorm room, or the surrounding property. Nothing by the train station or the subway. I spent all Saturday traipsing around the city with an increasingly confused but amicable Bashawn, and all Sunday scouring the footage minutely for even slight signs of distortion, and goddammit, I have nothing to show for it.

Most people would consider this a good thing, yes?

It's just... It's not that simple, guys. It's never that simple.

Once you've been seen by It, it's supposed to be only a matter of days before distortions and stalking start kicking in. I put it down to luck the first time; luck and sheer force of will. This time... The past few weeks were different than two years ago, both in terms of what happened and in my reaction to it all. I was more than seen, I directly defied It in helping with Kay's rescue! I figured that if I was already slated for an early death, I might as well do something useful while I still could. But... I'm not even being stalked. There's no sign of It anywhere... and I don't know why that is.

I have the seed of an idea growing in my mind. If I'm right... I really have no idea what'll happen if I'm right. There are a lot of things I could test or try to exploit, but I really don't have the courage just now. It's not on the footage I showed you, but... as the day wore on, I kind of got in a bad way. Bay didn't understand at first, but then I told him the reason... well, one of the reasons... and he understood.

...Yeah, to be perfectly honest, revealing locations weren't the only reason I withheld parts of this video.

I just... I don't understand this. I don't understand.

There is no such thing as a gift horse. Not with this.


  1. Maybe He just considers you SO utterly insignificant that He does not even BOTHER with you. And really, why would he think otherwise. You have YET to do anything really useful after all. You just served as Sagey's tag-along for a little while. You are worthless and not worth the effort...

  2. Morningstar is wrong. I had thought the same way you did when I first started blogging. I hate to say this, but this is just a sign that He's really going to come after you soon. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week--hell, it might not even be for a month or more--but He's coming. It's the calm before the storm...

  3. Funny Lucy. Last I checked, She and I teamed up in part BECAUSE you thought her significant enough to attack her directly.

    How's the wound healing up, by the way?

  4. It likes to play with us. Don't forget that. The fear, the paranoia, for whatever reason, it wants you to feel like this.

  5. If Winged suddenly pop ups like usually do, the last thing you should feel is fear.

    Winged is like making some false safe sense. I haven't feel like needing to pray as much as a week ago, like if suddenly everything ended, but still I know I must continue in alert.

    Take it easy meanwhile. I use this time to continue my graphic novels I left writing when I join this.